Monday, September 25, 2017

Founding President of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils speaks out !

t's time to put any blame for the radicalism of Muslim youth straight back into the Muslim communities around Australia.

It is bizarre that the founding president of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils speaks more frankly about the real threat than do the non-Muslim apologists on our ABC, The Age and Fairfax newspapers and those Leftist academic elitist professors stinking up our universities

Haset Sali , lawyer, writer & publisher... has attacked what he sees as the corrosive force of widespread corruption in many of Australia’s Muslim schools
He says the lack of functioning Muslim institutions is forcing many young Muslims toward the teachings of extremist imams preaching “Islamic fascism”.  Muhammad didn't come to replace all the other messengers, he came along to endorse what they had said and to add some other points people could follow (which he stresses in his book ''The Holy Quran simply" )

Australian Muslim schools have been the centre of a series of financial of corruption scandals, with five of Sydney’s Muslim schools previously having their funding frozen or placed under government or police investigations for financial mismanagement.

“It gives way to all sorts of splinter groups, and the rise of — I would go as far to say — fascist imams who are not necessarily qualified. Unfortunately a lot of the young people of who have seen what has happened to Islamic ­society in Australia have been ­attracted to these groups."
Mr Sali said “the current situation that has evolved has triggered that rise of what I bluntly call Islamic fascists”. “If this goes unchecked in Australia, in the Middle East or anywhere else, the dangers are extreme,” he said.

Feeling nervous? Thank the wilful blindness of the politicians who supervised the mass immigration programs that imported this threat in the name of stupid MULTICULTURALISM brought on by the worst Labor government lead by Geoff Whitlam  And, of course, the journalists who for years pretended there wasn’t threat.

The Way I See It......even today, the media being Politically Correct,don't mention the ethnicity of the gangs that roam our big city neighbourhoods so Aussies don't know where this human filth comes from. The crap from Lebanon, Sudan, Iran, Afghanistan, etc. are all enjoying our hospitality!!!

Thursday, September 21, 2017


Michael Asten, a retired professor of geophysics (below right), wants "an adversarial 'red team-blue team' approach" to test warming science.  
My own studies of historical and ancient temperature records point towards a major component of natural cycles of global temperature variations on timescales of 64 years, hundreds of years and thousands of years. When such cycles over decades and centuries are considered, the magnitude of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (or Lomborg’s) projected temperature rise to 2100 is probably reduced by a factor between two and four. 
Nicola Scafetta at the University of Naples has been prolific in analysing global temperature data and identifying dominant frequencies that can be related to natural frequencies of the solar system, of which a 60-65 year cycle is a dominant contributor to change over the past century. 
That same cycle was identified by Svetlana Jevrejeva of Britain’s National Oceanography Centre in sea-level tidal records going back to 1700. A similar cycle plus a longer one of about 200-250 years has been identified in 250 years of climate records in Germany and 11,000 years of Antarctic ice-core records by German and Chinese scientists led by Horst Ludecke (below left) of the University of Applied Sciences at Saarbrucken in Germany. 
And when we recognise that the 64-year cycle and the 200-year cycle were close to their maximums around 2010 we have a partial explanation for the global temperature increases of the past century, and for the slowdown of the past couple of decades. Rising CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere do contribute to temperature increases, but Scafetta, for example, calculates it to be only half of that observed. This scenario, founded on observational evidence of quantitative climate change, predicts that future anthropogenic warming will be at most half today’s IPCC estimates and will be offset in part by the onset of cooling associated with the 64-year and 200-year cycles. 
With the clean energy target espoused in the Finkel review calculated to cost Australia $5 billion over 33 years it is truly extraordinary that the nation does not have an independent source of information for evaluating differing scenarios, economic and scientific. 
John Christy of the University of Alabama and Judith Curry, former chair of the department of atmospheric sciences at Georgia Institute of Technology, ... have argued that the huge national commitments based on climate science call for an adversarial “red team-blue team” approach to test the claims and counterclaims of mainstream and sceptical scientists. Scott Pruitt, US Environmental Protection Authority Administrator in the Trump administration, endorses the idea...
Professor Peter Ridd has long argued for the same approach - a kind of scientific audit committee.
But this sane idea runs into religion. Too many journalists and politicians think it is
a moral sin to even question the claims of warming alarmists.
These are the people who ask that idiotically meaningless question: "Don't you believe in global warming?" Just like people asked Galileo: "Don't you believe in God?"

The Way I See actually pose the question “Do you believe in climate change?” and you define yourself as a moron. You might just as well go around asking “Do you believe in trees?”
Answer it in the affirmative, and you then define the questioner as a near-genius in comparison with the respondent.
It is under this very broad umbrella of stupidity that all the other climate change/global warming stupidities sprout and flourish, like vegetation absorbing pure life-creating carbon dioxide.
It’s getting hotter; it’s getting (globally warmed) colder; the heat is hiding in the oceans; no it’s not: we ‘miscalculated’ the temperature, it’s still in the atmosphere; we’re getting more ‘severe weather events’ and that’s proved by much fewer global cyclones and hurricanes.
On and on you can and ‘they’ surely will go, defying and indeed denying not just the most basic facts but basic reality itself; describing the most important element for all life on earth as not just a but the “pollutant.”


As the panic ends, check out the shocking price we’ve paid by treating global warming scaremongers like Tim Flannery as our gurus. 
Listening to these preachers cost us billions. In fact, we’re still paying the bills — just as some climate scientists are waking up to themselves and saying, “whoops”.
Haven’t you heard? It turns out the science was not settled, after all, and sceptics were right to laugh at dumbass Flannery and his richly paid gabble of Chicken Littles.
A landmark paper by warmist scientists in Nature Geoscience now concedes the world has indeed not warmed as predicted, thanks to a slowdown in the first 15 years of this century. One of its authors, Michael Grubb, professor of international energy and climate change at University College London, admits his past predictions of runaway warming were too alarmist.
“When the facts change, I change my mind. We are in a better place than I thought.”
Another author, Myles Allen, professor of geosystem science at Oxford, confessed that too many of the mathematical models used by climate scientists to predict future warming “were on the hot side” — meaning they exaggerated.
“We haven’t seen that rapid acceleration in warming after 2000 that we see in the models.”
That is actually not news to sceptics. Dr Roy Spencer (above), who runs one of the four main measurements of world temperature from the University of Alabama in Huntsville, has pointed it out for years, but most journalists ignored him. Likewise, they’ve largely ignored that the predicted climate catastrophes have not happened, either.
The Way I See It.....we have had not more cyclones (see graph above showing NO SEVERE cyclones last year) but fewer; not less rain in Australia but more; not fewer polar bears but more; and not worse crops but record ones, here and overseas.
So why have we wasted a fortune to cut the emissions we now learn aren’t actually causing a warming catastrophe — or certainly not as fast as first said?

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Officials Pursuing Charges After They See What Residents Left Behind In Hurricane !

It is sometimes said that a person’s character is illuminated by the way he or she treats their animals. In a shocking case of abuse and neglect, several pet owners will likely face criminal charges for tying their animals to trees and then leaving them to face Hurricane Irma with no way of escape. Florida officials going to seek charges for these cruel offences.
In an act that many people are calling torture, 26 abandoned dogs were removed by authorities who saw the poor beasts chained to trees awaiting the deluge. Residents from a mobile home park in the Glades region had secured 23 of the dogs to trees and vehicles and then fled the coming storm. The additional dogs were found tied up in a similar manner.
Although there are a number of free resources offered on how to take care of a pet during an emergency situation, these unfeeling people obviously thought that rather than allowing their animals the ability to escape, they should be tied up and killed by the rising waters.
The Humane Society offers a detailed evacuation strategy for pet owners who need to flee an upcoming disaster. It includes getting an ID collar and preparing a disaster kit for an unexpected event. The rule is that if it isn’t safe for people, then it’s not safe for a pet. Additional disaster recommendations are also listed.
It seems odd that almost the entire mobile home park would do such a thing, but people rarely act rational when in danger. Regardless of the excuse, such behavior can indicate serious mental problems.
Much research has been done on the subject of animal cruelty. One man in the UK was jailed for 16 weeks after brutally killing his pet rabbit. He claimed that he was angry because the socialized medical plan he was under denied him a needed prescription.
Some people perform intentional torture or cruelty to animals because of a religious or artistic sacrifice, but others do so because they have psychological disorders such as paraphilia. It is also a way to intimidate women or children to keep quiet about physical abuse.
When researchers started exploring the early behavior of serial murderers and rapists in the 1970’s, they discovered that one common trait among these predators was in childhood they tortured and killed of defenseless animals.  In fact, it is now considered one of the three adolescent behaviors that is referred to as the “homicidal triad.” The other indicators are persistent bed-wetting and obsessive fire-setting.
Many criminal psychologists consider that the presence of two or more of these traits increases the risk of homicidal behavior in adulthood. Others disagree and say that they must be combined with other images of brutality such as physical abuse.
In this case of obvious animal abuse, city officials have warned that the residents responsible could face criminal charges. Dianne Sauve, head of Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control, said the department will be pursuing legal recourse against owners who abandoned their pets, leaving them tethered to places where they would not be able to escape.
Animal control personnel confirmed that  total of 26 dogs were left stranded by their owners. The animals have been rescued from Pahokee and Belle Glade Florida and are now being sheltered in the proper facilities.
The Way I See It......hopefully, the people who did this will be punished. Many animal lovers and individuals who can’t even contemplate doing such a thing to a loyal, loving pet are shocked by the cruelty these residents demonstrated. Many hope that these people didn’t have children watching their despicable act.
Perhaps the furry friends will even find new owners who will love and care for them as they deserve. The owners who ignored, neglected, and abandoned these poor pets because of some imagined inconvenience should not be allowed to own animals and they should be punished suitably for their actions.

Monday, September 4, 2017


The bloke arrested last month with a 13 year old “wife” believes he has done nothing wrong, he believes WE are wrong and strangely, so does his “wife”. Both will always believe that! 
Islam brandishes its endemic paedophelia as a badge of honour, but we try desperately to protect our children from sexual abuse while turning our backs on the Islamic outrage rather than risk the “racist” label. 
So, what’s new? Most already know the wife of Mohammed himself was a 6 year-old girl, A’isha…(nice, eh?) Sahih Muslim Book 008, Number 3310: A’isha (Allah be pleased with her) reported: “Allah’s apostle (may peace be upon him) married me when I was six years old and I was admitted to his house (that means bonked) when I was nine years old.”
Religion is about the power of numbers. Islam demands the ovarian cycle must be used to its maximum and at the earliest possible age. Catholicism merely bans condoms, but both edicts are designed to have the same effect... an increase in numbers!
Cannot one appreciate the incompatibility of the weak, compliant Christian to the person born to Islam? Congregational reinforcement is the reason there is still a Flat Earth Society. 
If your parents tell you, when you are young, that the colour red is actually blue or the World is actually flat, you will believe everyone else is wrong. You will have no choice but to believe your parents. This is the power of religious indoctrination of a child. 
Christian “christening” is performed before the child has developed the art of choice or the power of reason. And this is where Muslim bigots have an omnipotent advantage:
They believe every person on earth was already born a Muslim. They skip the christening bullshit. They (and they believe everyone else) are BORN a Muslim. 
Therefore their base culture demands the total destruction of non-believers. The non-believers are dangerous apostates likely to convert others to their evils and must be eradicated at all cost. 
This is what they are taught from birth and this is what they believe with a passion that has no equal. 
Everyone who does not practise Islam is a heretic who has already denounced Allah. Everyone who is not a practising Muslim is an enemy of the faith by virtue of being born. 
The congregational togetherness (mosque) is designed to reinforce the disgusting policies of inhumanity toward anyone who is of a different faith. Christianity uses its congregational churches in the same way. There are many fiercely competitive Christian churches but there is only one Islamic mosque... can you see why we are losing?
The Islamic preoccupation with decapitation is also clear! If you don’t believe what I believe, my prophet’s command is to behead you, that is my scriptural command. I am commanded by Allah and the Prophet Mohammed to do this! I cannot disobey, I am Muslim! 
The Koran teaches: 
Koran, Sura 8:12 reads: "I will cast dread into the hearts of the unbelievers. Strike off their heads, then, and strike off all of their fingertips." 
Sura (chapter) 47 contains the ayah (verse): "When you encounter the unbelievers on the battlefield, strike off their heads until you have crushed them completely; then bind the prisoners tightly." 
It is written: The practice of beheading non-Muslim captives extends back to the Prophet himself: 
Ibn Ishaq (d. 768 C.E.), the earliest biographer of Mohammad, is recorded as saying that the Prophet ordered the execution by decapitation of 700 men of the Jewish Banu Qurayza tribe in Medina for allegedly plotting against him. 
Islamic leaders from Mohammad's time until today have followed his model. Examples of decapitation, of both the living and the dead, in Islamic history are myriad: 
Yusuf b. Tashfin (d. 1106) led the Al-Murabit (Almoravid) Empire to conquer from western Sahara to central Spain. After the battle of Zallaqa in 1086, he had 24,000 corpses of the defeated Castilians beheaded: 
"…and piled them up to make a sort of minaret for the Muezzins who, standing on the piles of headless cadavers, sang the praises of Allah''. 
"He then had the detached heads sent to all the major cities of North Africa and Spain as an example of Christian impotence. The Al-Murabits were conquered the following century by the Al-Muwahhids, under whose rule Castilian Christian enemies were beheaded after any lost battle.” 

Islam is the only World religion (if religion is the correct word) that is cited by both State and non-State bodies to legitimise beheadings. 
Islam pervades every corner of the Islamic State: It IS the judiciary, it IS the government, it IS the penal system, it IS the education department, it IS the armed forces. 
There is no separation we demand, but don’t actually get, from our State. [Our Constitution demands separation of Church and State, yet surprise surprise, we open Parliament with prayers.] 
Two major aspects of decapitation in an Islamic context should be noted: First, the practice has both Koranic and historical sanction... it is not the product of a fabricated tradition. 
Second, in contradiction to the assertions of apologists of Islam, these beheadings are not simply a brutal method of drawing attention to the Islamic political agenda. Nor are they merely designed to weaken opponents' will to fight. 
The infamous (now dead, thank god) deadshit Zarqawi and other Islamic bigots regularly practised decapitation of infidels for the TV cameras.
Islam is anything but a "religion of peace". It is a way of life, a barbaric, base culture born of Mongolian inspired historic violence and inhumanity toward non-believers, and women. 
When will we recognise (as Europe now rues) that our culture of religious tolerance is not remotely a part of their agenda? 
Even the Islamic apostate, provided he is pronounced sane, must be executed (beheaded) under Koranic law. The implication of course is that one must be certified as insane to reject Islam and therefore can justifiably retain his mixed up head. 
The terms “extremist” and “fundamentalist” are misnomers of the weak apologists for Islam. There are no extremists, they don’t exist... just faithful, obedient, adherents to the one blind Islamic faith.
Certainly there are the more outrageous activists but note the non-activist’s passive lack of protest when atrocities occur! They silently high-five each other behind closed doors so as not to offend the neighbours.
The people next door who you would borrow a cup of sugar from (as the 9/11 bombers were described to be) have been ordered by Allah to kill you.
The Way I See’s not important who’s right and who’s wrong. What is important in this theistic World War is an incompatibility of minds; minds that can never be aligned. One mind cannot be compromised, the other can... and the one that can is the certain loser. 
“I fight to live!” sayeth the Christian. 
“I fight to die!” sayeth the Muslim, “... it is therefore a war that I can never lose.”

Monday, August 28, 2017


Maley seems completely ignorant of the facts that actually support Kelly:
The idiot writes: You can tell the coal-fanciers within the Coalition are panicked. Not content with scaremongering about rising electricity prices, they are now invoking the greatest carbon price of them all – death. 
On Thursday morning Liberal MP Craig Kelly said people would die of cold
this winter because renewable energy was putting up electricity prices. Both elements of this outlandish statement were baseless and wrong...
Really? There's plenty of evidence that says he's right, including this:
Two hundred people, most of them elderly, will die in Britain of cold-related diseases every day this winter, according to calculations by Britain's leading advocacy group for old people, Age UK. 
The charity's figure of 200 deaths a day follows sharp price hikes by energy companies, credited with driving inflation to its highest level in 20 years. At the same time, a report by Britain's leading academic expert on poverty and inequality, Professor John Hills of the London School of Economics, found a deepening "fuel poverty gap".
Then there's this further ignorance from Maley:
Kelly says people will be forced to burn wood in their homes because they can't afford to turn on their heaters, which will lead to increased air pollution. Kelly's logic is spectacular in its circularity – note he is actually admitting that burning carbon is toxic to humans, but no way is he letting that sway him into thinking we might want to come up with a few alternatives to burning it globally, on a massive scale.
Maley makes two fundamental mistakes here.
First, burning wood in a home heater produces more particulates than does burning coal in a modern generator equipped with the usual technology to remove them. That's why what you see above the giant generators we have left is not smoke but steam from the cooling systems.
Second, Maley confuses these particulates - soot - with the carbon dioxide gases that are said to be heating the world dangerously. Carbon dioxide is as "toxic" as the breath you exhale. In fact, it IS the breath you exhale. All the global warming programs we have are designed to reduce carbon dioxide and not particulates.
But even more remarkable than Maley's ignorance of global warming science and complete lack of interest in poor people dying from cold is her hypocrisy over fear mongering.
Having savaged Kelly's "scaremongering", Maley then proceeds to deliver a completely hysterical rant on the global warming apocalypse she imagines is around the corner.
She makes Kelly seem the soul of moderation:
[Kelly] has stolen the thunder of those who urge climate change action on the basis of the extinction of the species if we leave things as they are. Here comes
Death, high cancer rates, drownings – that territory is supposed to be the environmentalists' (speedily defrosting) tundra. 
Climate scientists, not by nature a rowdy crew, have, for decades now, been politely ahemming at the back of the room to get our attention, so they can warn us about all the various ways our children are going to get cooked if we don't act collectively soon. 
A New York Magazine cover story published a few weeks ago entitled The Uninhabitable Earth, (that scientists rated on their Credibility Index 0.07) laid out some of the terrifying scenarios that could eventuate "absent aggressive action", broken down into cheerful subheadings like "Poisoned Oceans", "Climate Plagues" and "Permanent Economic Collapse".
It was criticised as being overblown by some climate scientists and focusing on the worst, worst-case scenarios, but not before it lodged firmly in the amygdalas of hundreds of thousands of readers. 
It lays out what the author says are the possibilities of unmitigated climate change – including the annihilation of Bangladesh and Miami, tens of millions of climate refugees, deadly heat waves, cities like Kolkata and Karachi becoming uninhabitable for humans, and greater social conflict leading to war, not just because of the food shortages and shrinking land resources, but because everyone is so irritable from the heat. 
A number of climate scientists have since objected to the piece, saying it is too dire – as Michael Mann of the University of Pennsylvania said, "the evidence that climate change is a serious problem that we must contend with now, is overwhelming on its own". But the piece also mentions a phenomenon called "scientific reticence", which describes the habit climate scientists have of being so cautious and self-censoring they fail to communicate how dire the threat is. This is where politicians could, for once, be useful. 
All we need is one Craig Kelly for the climate – to stand up in Parliament and, instead of brandishing a lump of coal for the amusement of the proletariat, hold up a picture of an infant with her skin peeling off, or a submerged Palm Beach mansion, or a Torres Strait Islander forced to flee his home because of rising seas, or a piece of grey coral plucked from our dying reef. 
The Way I See It.......The greatest thing about this scare campaign? You don't even have to make up the facts.
Seriously? These are "the facts"? An "infant with her skin peeling off", thanks to man-made warming? The "annihilation" of Miami? Food shortages? Plagues? Our extinction?
Here's what we have in fact seen so far: rising living standards world-wide, record crops, a dramatic slowing of the rate of warming, fewer cyclones, no trend to more droughts, 80 per cent of low-lying atolls actually growing or stable.
What on earth is Maley talking about? She's coated in the slime of Fake News !

Monday, August 21, 2017

Europe's Afghan Crime Wave Is Mind-Boggling !!

Dr. Cheryl Benard  (photo right) has worked for refugees. (She was program director of the Initiative for Middle Eastern Youth and the Alternative Strategies Initiative within the RAND Corporation’s National Security Research Division.) She now warns of the rape epidemic brought by Afghan refugees to Austria:
These were not of the cultural-misunderstanding-date-rape sort, but were vicious, no-preamble attacks on random girls and women, often committed by gangs or packs of young men. 
Typically, the preferred targets are not what stereotype might imagine, provocatively dressed young women that a confused Muslim from the ultraconservative hinterland misinterprets as promiscuous. No; often, the victims are mothers with small children. I am guessing that to a predator, they appear to be easier targets, because it is assumed they will be handicapped in their ability to fight back, but there may also be some more Freudian dimension that I am missing. 
This brings us to a third, more compelling and quite disturbing theory—the one that my Afghan friend, the court translator, puts forward. On the basis of his hundreds of interactions with these young men in his professional capacity over the past several years, he believes to have discovered that they are motivated by a deep and abiding contempt for Western civilization. 
To them, Europeans are the enemy, and their women are legitimate spoils, as are all the other things one can take from them: housing, money, passports. Their laws don’t matter, their culture is uninteresting and, ultimately, their civilization is going to fall anyway to the horde of which one is the spearhead. No need to assimilate, or work hard, or try to build a decent life here for yourself—these Europeans are too soft to seriously punish you for a transgression, and their days are numbered. 
And it’s not just the sex crimes, my friend notes. Those may agitate public sentiment the most, but the deliberate, insidious abuse of the welfare system is just as consequential. 
But we are still left with a mystery. Welfare fraud is one thing: it makes a certain kind of sense, if you have no regard for rule of law or fairness and you are lazy. But why is this current cohort of Afghans making its mark as sexual predators . . . and inept, stupid ones at that? 
In search of an answer, perhaps we should take a closer look at the victims. We have eliminated improper attire and an unwittingly seductive manner, but might they have any other traits in common to shed light on why they became the targets of such madness? 
Reviewing them, one word comes to mind: fulfillment. A Turkish exchange student, happy to be advancing her education in industrial design at a good university in Vienna. A girl in a park, enjoying the sunshine. Two friends, taking their babies for a walk. A mother, enjoying a summer stroll with her two children. A contented old lady, out with her pet. Attractive, accomplished, happy, normal people . . . an unbearable sight, perhaps, to—and here I must agree with President Trump—losers. That is what he proposed we should call terrorists, and he is right. These young men, even minus a suicide vest, are losers, which has inspired them to become social terrorists. 
The young Afghan attackers are saying, yes, that they have no impulse control, that their hormones are raging, and that they hate themselves and the world—but most especially, that they will not tolerate women who are happy, confident and feeling safe in public spaces. They are saying that they have no intention of respecting law, custom, public opinion, local values or common decency, all of which they hate so much that they are ready to put their own lives, their constructive futures and their freedom on the line for the satisfaction of inflicting damage. 
The Way I See It....., the Left has to do a bit of hard thinking. It’s fine to be warm, fuzzy and sentimental about strangers arriving on your shores, but let’s also spare some warm, fuzzy and sentimental thoughts for our own values, freedoms and lifestyle. Girls and women should continue to feel safe in public spaces, be able to attend festivals, wear clothing appropriate to the weather and their own liking, travel on trains, go to the park, walk their dogs and live their lives. This is a wonderful Western achievement, and one that is worth defending.
A deeply disturbing read. Read it all.