Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Obama Just Got Hit With Massive Lawsuit !

A public park advocacy group is suing former President Barack Obama for a “con game,” accusing the former president in court of pulling a “bait and switch” and “illegal land grab.”

In 2015, the Chicago City Council approved an ordinance allowing a portion of the parkland to be released to the Obama Foundation for the purpose of housing Obama’s official presidential center.
However, Obama began making major changes to the terms after he received the ordinance. Now, Obama is planning to unveil a $500 million personal museum and monument dedicated to — you guessed it — himself.
The lawsuit argues public parkland is guarded by law and that a private entity, such as Obama and his foundation, cannot use it for private use. The deal approved by the city leaders thought it was going to be a presidential center.

Twitter Ads info and privacy

But, Obama’s gigantic center will feature a museum of the egotistical couple, a test kitchen, an activity-center, basketball court, yoga centers, and many other items that were not agreed to in the 2015 deal.
Obama got the approval, and then arrogantly changed everything without informing the city at all.
The massive center is nothing more than a $500 million project for the Obama’s to glorify themselves.
In the process, they are completely screwing over the city and reneging on the original terms that everyone originally agreed to.
Also, what did Obama accomplish that is worth celebrating?
The center is scheduled to be completed in 2021, but the lawsuit may throw a major curve ball into the construction plans.
The Way I See It......a judge ruling in favor of Protect Our Parks could result in a delay in construction and push the completion date back even further.
It could also result in the Obama’s being forced to return to the original agreement, which would mean their entire plan for building a half a billion dollar shrine of themselves would be thwarted.
This lawsuit has the potential to ruin everything for the former president.

Monday, May 21, 2018


Recent polls show a huge gap between voters and the political elite which explains why we keep getting the mass immigration that most of us don't want.  
In 2016, the Australian Election Study found that 49 per cent of voters wanted immigration to be reduced. By August 2017, the Australian Population Research Institute found that 54 per cent wanted lower immigration, and by an April 2018 Essential poll, that figure had risen to 64 per cent. 
So why do the political elites continue to ignore voters’ unhappiness? One answer is that politicians ignore voters because they can. They believe that voters have nowhere else to go, except for minor parties such as Sustainable Australia or One Nation. 
The 2016 AES Candidates study provides evidence for elite indifference. Of candidates, 60 per cent wanted even higher immigration, including 67 per cent of Labor candidates. Labor candidates were much closer to Greens candidates and Greens voters than to their own supporters. 
But there is a second answer to the question of why voters are ignored. Taking their concerns seriously risks breaking a rule stronger than politeness. It risks courting immorality. 
It stems from elite origins in the growing class of university graduates, a class imbued with progressive [sic] values. 
A clear majority of professionals working in the media want even higher immigration, as do 49 per cent of university academics and teachers. Politicians and professionals are drawn from a similar pool of graduates, many of whom embrace progressive values including enthusiasm for cosmopolitanism, globalism, diversity and social justice. 
Within this world view, scepticism about high immigration easily equates to racism. For example, Greg Jericho writes in the Guardian Australia that “because there are many desperate to hate — (the subject of immigration) must be treated with extreme care by politicians and journalists”. 
This helps the greedy to pose as the virtuous:
The Way I See It.......that reflex helps to silence critics. It also gives the business lobby a free pass to enjoy the benefits its narrow constituency gains from population growth. As property developers bank their profits, they can claim to be on the side of virtue or, if that is too far a stretch, they can safely deplore any opponents as xenophobes.

Monday, May 14, 2018

The FBI May Have Had A SPY Within The Trump Campaign !

Here's What I Know......
Thursday night on Fox News, Sara Carter dropped a bombshell on Sean Hannity. (above)

The already corrupt and troubled FBI seems to be in a world of trouble if this story proves to be totally true.
In the midst of an ongoing battle between the FBI and DOJ against Congress, Sara Carter said “there’s concern the FBI actually had a spy within the Trump campaign.”
Sara Carter was referencing a Wall Street Journal report accusing the FBI of potentially spying on the Trump campaign.
On Thursday, the DOJ lost to the Congress, allowing the House Intelligence Committee access to classified documents into the rigged FBI investigation of the Trump campaign. Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes (below) has been requesting critical details on one of the FBI’s secret sources, who now appears to likely have been an FBI agent working for the Trump campaign in an attempt to spy and take down Donald Trump.
The FBI and DOJ have been deliberately hiding the details of the bombshell revelations from the House Intel Committee. Meanwhile, Nunes has been fighting for answers.
House Speaker Paul Ryan even admitted the questions and details Nunes has been pressing the FBI for are “something that probably should have been answered a while ago.”
According to the breaking report:
We know Mr. Nunes’s request deals with a “top secret intelligence source” of the FBI and CIA, who is a U.S. citizen and who was involved in the Russia collusion probe. When government agencies refer to sources, they mean people who appear to be average citizens but use their profession or contacts to spy for the agency. Ergo, we might take this to mean that the FBI secretly had a person on the payroll who used his or her non-FBI credentials to interact in some capacity with the Trump campaign.
This would amount to spying, and it is hugely disconcerting. It would also be a major escalation from the electronic surveillance we already knew about, which was bad enough. Obama political appointees rampantly “unmasked” Trump campaign officials to monitor their conversations, while the FBI played dirty with its surveillance warrant against Carter Page, failing to tell the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court that its supporting information came from the Hillary Clinton campaign. Now we find it may have also been rolling out human intelligence, John Le CarrĂ© style, to infiltrate the Trump campaign.
The Mueller investigation, the Trump campaign being wiretapped, and now potentially an FBI spy in the Trump campaign yet there’s still no evidence of any crimes or collusion committed by the President of the United States, Donald Trump.
Earlier today, Rush Limbaugh (below) said, “I would not be surprised if, in fact, the FBI planted an informant in the Trump campaign in order to try to prove this Russia collusion business.”
Limbaugh continued, “And the story says the ‘role of the intelligence source’ could further provoke Republicans who have accused Justice and the FBI of engaging in ‘misuse of their surveillance power,” and, here we go, ‘hinting that the government may have used the source to snoop on the Trump campaign’”
“There it is. So it’s a pretty safe bet that the FBI planted an informant in the Trump campaign. Nunes wants to know who it is; the DOJ says, ‘No way, Jose!’” he stated.
Limbaugh then brought the hammer down, “If they had an informant in that campaign who was supposed to find the collusion and they still don’t have it? I mean, look at what we’re learning. They had an informant in the campaign, and they still don’t have any evidence!”
The Way I See It.......one thing is for sure, the FBI is in for a rough time when what they’ve been hiding is exposed.
This story is developing…

Friday, May 11, 2018


The never Trumpers must surely now reconsider him as likely to be America’s greatest ever President. For those who still have a preference for Obama and Clinton please consider this:
When the Obama Administration sat down to construct a deal for Iran to have nuclear weapons within the decade (seven years now left) Obama and Kerry ignored American hostages being held by Iran.  As we now know, Iran does not recognise dual citizenship, so it refuses to allow even a consular visit to those being held.
At least five Americans were still being tortured and/or condemned to hard labour while the Iran deal was being wrapped up by John Kerry and his associates.Those hostages didn’t even make it to the bargaining table.
It was only after this shocking deal was finalised that Obama “swapped” Iranians America was holding without trial for American hostages in an unrelated arrangement.
The difference between how Obama sees the world and how Trump sees it, is that the three hostages held by North Korea have now been released before anyone has even decided on where the table is to be sited. 
Trump is welcoming them home at the Andrews Joint Airforce Base at 2AM today.
It will be interesting to see how the Washington Post and CNN spins this one. Media still haven’t come to terms with a President who does what he promises to do…it is so un-Clinton and so un-Obama. 
Trump is rebuilding US foreign policy to where it is no longer treated as a joke by nefarious States and European nations and still the mad Left refuses to acknowledge anything he has done, except a porn star.
Meanwhile the Senate is conducting a confirmation hearing on Trump’s nomination for CIA Director, Gina Haspel (above). The desperate Democrats, in the belief that Trump cannot do anything constructive, have set about tearing her down. It isn’t working…she will be confirmed! 
                                                    Interrogator Feinstein
An example of Democrat questioning: “Have you ever been alone in the Oval Office with President Trump?” 
The Way I See It....... just want to say that I now believe there is at least one woman in a high place who is the equal of, and probably better than, any man.
I have said this before and you can tear me to bits again; “There is nothing more sexy than a highly intelligent woman of any age (even 61) and any shape.” 
She will be a welcome adornment to the Agency. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2018


HERE’S a simple example of how our reckless immigration intake is used by politicians to fool you into thinking they’re smart.
In January last year, we had 726,000 Australians out of work — a scandalous waste of talent. And just think of all those frustrated dreams and hopes!
But by year’s end, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was boasting that he’d created, this clever man, enough jobs for more than half of them.
Yes, he announced, “403,000 jobs created in the last year, 403,000 — the equal longest run of monthly job growth in Australia since 1978.”
And Turnbull and his ministers have since talked endlessly of this jobs “creation” as if it had really made a difference to the voters they’re trying to impress.
Treasurer Scott Morrison was still at it just last week: “Under this government, over the last year there’s been more than 1000 jobs created every single day.”
But hang on. You can add and subtract, can’t you? You can’t be fooled so easily, can you?
So try working this out. How can the government start last year with 726,000 unemployed Australians, then “create” 400,000 jobs yet still end the year with almost as many unemployed people as before — 720,000 in all?

Turnbull and his ministers have since talked endlessly of this jobs “creation” as if it had really made a difference to the voters they’re trying to impress. Picture: Kym Smith

And why are we now with even more unemployed than ever — 735,000, according to last week’s figures?
How? Because this is just one more way the government uses immigration to trick up its books.
You’re the victims of a hoax that was exposed in the fine print of a deceitful Treasury document that Morrison released last week to claim he was right not to want fewer of the immigrants who are already choking our cities and forcing up house prices.
Treasury confessed to this massive pea-and-thimble trick in just a single damning paragraph — that the vast majority of these jobs “created” by Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott were actually given to the immigrants now pouring in.
“Recent migrants accounted for two-thirds (64.5 per cent) of the approximately 850,000 net jobs created in the past five years,” Treasury said.
“For full-time employment, the effect is even more pronounced, with recent migrants accounting for 72.4 per cent of new jobs created.
Most of the rest of the extra jobs, of course, went to the younger Australians now entering the market and needing work.
What a sick joke. The government should be creating jobs for Australians, rather than jobs for immigrants.
But this is just one more way that it pretends to be Doing Something by letting in more people last year than live in Hobart, but without building a new Hobart to house them.
This trickery doesn’t stop at the government creating “record” jobs without actually cutting the number of Australians on the dole.
This huge immigration intake — now double the average we had until just 15 years ago — is also used by Morrison and Turnbull to fiddle their books.

Malcolm Turnbull with treasurer Scott Morrison. Picture: AAP Image/Dean Lewins

More immigrants means more taxes, and the Turnbull Government desperately needs that $1 billion a year or more to keep its promise to finally balance the books in two years, after 12 consecutive Budget deficits.
But that’s just another con. While the feds get the cash, it’s the states who end up with the bill. It’s the state governments that must build the new roads, trains, schools, police stations, dams and power supplies that these immigrants need.
The rest of us also pay. As the Treasury document conceded, we don’t actually get much richer from mass immigration, per head of population.
But voters must pay by having their bigger cities turned into rabbit warrens, and by having to sit in traffic jams so bad that Infrastructure Victoria now warns that Melbourne motorists risk spending 20 per cent more time in their cars by 2030.
Then there’s the fall in our already frayed social cohesion, as we’re joined by ever more people with no shared history or cultural ties to this country.
There will come a time when there is no “us”.
This cannot end well, so why are we doing it to ourselves?
The Way I See It.......at least we now know why the federal politicians are doing it. They can import hundreds of thousands of people each year to balance their books, and then boast of the jobs they’ve artificially “created”.
Even sweeter, they get to cut the ribbon of yet another costly road project, looking like saviours when, in fact, those extra roads had to be built to handle the chaos they themselves unleashed.
Are you really falling for this?


Australia's worst Ex-Prime Minister, Julia Gillard (photo), urges us to learn from more inspiring countries, telling ABC AM today:
There are some really interesting examples out there. Rwanda has more than 50 per cent of women in its Parliament.
So how did that happen?:
In fact, there is a kind of fascism there, where special interests are granted special seats:
The lower chamber of parliament is made up of 80 members, 53 of whom are drawn from political organisations, 24 representing women (elected through the National Women Council structures), two youth representatives, and one representative of people living with disabilities.
So inherently less democratic. And it's a kind of tribalism that weakens Parliament, not strengthens it, by making politicians representatives of their special interest and not the broader nation. It also makes them easier to control from the top:
Independent candidates submit their own bids while political parties are required to submit lists of their aspirants for vetting.
So how does that work? No strong women allowed:
Diane Shima Rwigara, 35, was the first Rwandan woman to run for president as an independent – and the only woman in the August race – before she was disqualified. The fact that Rwanda has the world’s highest proportion of women in Parliament does not mean the country is comfortable with women in power, she says. 
Rwigara warns that the president’s increasingly authoritarian stance could further oppress women, rather than empower them.
“I don’t believe in the lie being sold to the world that Rwandan women have a voice – we don’t,” she says. “We’re only allowed to do or say certain things as dictated by the ruling party. If you don’t, you pay a high price.” 
For Rwigara, that price was her bid for the presidency. Her nomination was excluded when the electoral commission said she didn’t have enough names to endorse her candidacy, a charge she rejects. “When I finally submitted my papers, the number of signatures were almost double the required number of 650 – I had over 1,100 signatures,” she says. 
The harassment didn’t end there. Rwigara says the ruling party tried to discredit her by releasing fake nude pictures online, but Kagame’s Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) denied any involvement. Some of her family’s businesses have been shut down and bank accounts frozen without justification, she says, while members of her movement have been temporarily jailed and threatened by the police. 
Research by University of Oxford affiliates Pamela Abbott (photo) and Dixon Malunda suggests the gendered change in leadership has not always translated to concrete gains for women and notes that Rwanda still has some way to go in changing discriminatory attitudes toward women in politics.
And Rwanda ends up with a Parliament that is toothless. From last year:
Next month one of the world’s most remarkable leaders, President Paul Kagame of Rwanda, will be overwhelmingly re-elected to a third seven-year term. Kagame runs an authoritarian state and does not tolerate serious opposition.
The Way I See It....his election to a third term last week with a ludicrous 99 percent of the vote, against two opponents, is further evidence that despite Mr. Kagame’s achievements, he has all the makings of yet another strongman going through the motions of democracy.
But never mind the reality, look at the symbolism! This disastrous identity politics so excites Julia Gillard, who cares more about jobs for the girls than for true democracy and equality.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Calling America “The Land Of Opportunity” Is Racist…Says The University Of California!

The environment on college campuses has been growing more and more liberal over the past several years, and this new list from the University of California, Santa Cruz is just the latest example.

California taxpayer dollars are apparently being spent on putting together lists of “offensive” words such as this one, and you don’t believe some of the stuff that’s in here. The University published this official document which has a long list of things you’re “not allowed” to say to minorities because they might be “too offensive”.
Santa Cruz University

Here are just 8 of the most ridiculous “micro aggressions” in the document that students should avoid saying. Try not to laugh your ASS off while reading these:

“Where were you born?”
“You speak English very well.”
“There is only one race, the human race.”
America is the land of opportunity.”
Everyone can succeed in this society, if they work hard enough.”
“Men and women have equal opportunities for achievement.”
I believe the most qualified person should get the job.
Let that sink in, folks…
According to the University of California in Santa Cruz, you’re even not allowed to say that “America is the land of opportunity” or that “The most qualified person should get the job” or else you’re racist. 

If you don’t believe us, here are a few screenshots from the actual document:

However, as Breitbart points out, these guidelines don’t apply equally to all races: According to the Academic Affairs department, microaggressions vary with context and race, so saying something to a black or Asian person is different from saying it to a white person.

For example, it is perfectly acceptable to ask a Caucasian student “Why are you so quiet? We want to know what you think,” whereas to ask this same question of an Asian, Latino or Native American constitutes a microaggression, because it implies that they have not successfully assimilated to “the dominant culture.”
Similarly, asking a black person “Why do you have to be so loud/animated?” is strictly verboten, while asking a white person this question is completely fine.
Moreover, whites should never use the expression “You people” when speaking to blacks, whereas blacks may address whites in this way, the university suggests. Just plain stupid.
The Way I See It.......Give me a break ....Everyone is SO offended these days , everyone has a sad story to tell, it’s really too bad for the ''Snowflakes''. We have a constitutional right to say anything we like , if people do not like it they can move along, even I am offended by those who wear their feelings on their sleeves.

 However that was our history NOT present day as none who live today are slaves, that I am aware of , it’s all history .. we as a nation are all the same , No matter our color, we all bleed the same .. RED Blood .. the problem is everyone want’s to repeat history , instead of changing it , crying about those before us, playing the victim card, instead of making a change for the better.

I say get-over-it and move on in life .. we did not live our ancestors lives , therefore we should consider ourselves quite lucky, it’s the past, and we can do nothing about it .. except move on to better things .. and be thankful, our history will never change .... but our future can .... living in the past can do nothing for our future.  God Bless America and Damn the Leftist Filth!.