Tuesday, April 24, 2018


HERE’S a simple example of how our reckless immigration intake is used by politicians to fool you into thinking they’re smart.
In January last year, we had 726,000 Australians out of work — a scandalous waste of talent. And just think of all those frustrated dreams and hopes!
But by year’s end, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was boasting that he’d created, this clever man, enough jobs for more than half of them.
Yes, he announced, “403,000 jobs created in the last year, 403,000 — the equal longest run of monthly job growth in Australia since 1978.”
And Turnbull and his ministers have since talked endlessly of this jobs “creation” as if it had really made a difference to the voters they’re trying to impress.
Treasurer Scott Morrison was still at it just last week: “Under this government, over the last year there’s been more than 1000 jobs created every single day.”
But hang on. You can add and subtract, can’t you? You can’t be fooled so easily, can you?
So try working this out. How can the government start last year with 726,000 unemployed Australians, then “create” 400,000 jobs yet still end the year with almost as many unemployed people as before — 720,000 in all?

Turnbull and his ministers have since talked endlessly of this jobs “creation” as if it had really made a difference to the voters they’re trying to impress. Picture: Kym Smith

And why are we now with even more unemployed than ever — 735,000, according to last week’s figures?
How? Because this is just one more way the government uses immigration to trick up its books.
You’re the victims of a hoax that was exposed in the fine print of a deceitful Treasury document that Morrison released last week to claim he was right not to want fewer of the immigrants who are already choking our cities and forcing up house prices.
Treasury confessed to this massive pea-and-thimble trick in just a single damning paragraph — that the vast majority of these jobs “created” by Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott were actually given to the immigrants now pouring in.
“Recent migrants accounted for two-thirds (64.5 per cent) of the approximately 850,000 net jobs created in the past five years,” Treasury said.
“For full-time employment, the effect is even more pronounced, with recent migrants accounting for 72.4 per cent of new jobs created.
Most of the rest of the extra jobs, of course, went to the younger Australians now entering the market and needing work.
What a sick joke. The government should be creating jobs for Australians, rather than jobs for immigrants.
But this is just one more way that it pretends to be Doing Something by letting in more people last year than live in Hobart, but without building a new Hobart to house them.
This trickery doesn’t stop at the government creating “record” jobs without actually cutting the number of Australians on the dole.
This huge immigration intake — now double the average we had until just 15 years ago — is also used by Morrison and Turnbull to fiddle their books.

Malcolm Turnbull with treasurer Scott Morrison. Picture: AAP Image/Dean Lewins

More immigrants means more taxes, and the Turnbull Government desperately needs that $1 billion a year or more to keep its promise to finally balance the books in two years, after 12 consecutive Budget deficits.
But that’s just another con. While the feds get the cash, it’s the states who end up with the bill. It’s the state governments that must build the new roads, trains, schools, police stations, dams and power supplies that these immigrants need.
The rest of us also pay. As the Treasury document conceded, we don’t actually get much richer from mass immigration, per head of population.
But voters must pay by having their bigger cities turned into rabbit warrens, and by having to sit in traffic jams so bad that Infrastructure Victoria now warns that Melbourne motorists risk spending 20 per cent more time in their cars by 2030.
Then there’s the fall in our already frayed social cohesion, as we’re joined by ever more people with no shared history or cultural ties to this country.
There will come a time when there is no “us”.
This cannot end well, so why are we doing it to ourselves?
The Way I See It.......at least we now know why the federal politicians are doing it. They can import hundreds of thousands of people each year to balance their books, and then boast of the jobs they’ve artificially “created”.
Even sweeter, they get to cut the ribbon of yet another costly road project, looking like saviours when, in fact, those extra roads had to be built to handle the chaos they themselves unleashed.
Are you really falling for this?


Australia's worst Ex-Prime Minister, Julia Gillard (photo), urges us to learn from more inspiring countries, telling ABC AM today:
There are some really interesting examples out there. Rwanda has more than 50 per cent of women in its Parliament.
So how did that happen?:
In fact, there is a kind of fascism there, where special interests are granted special seats:
The lower chamber of parliament is made up of 80 members, 53 of whom are drawn from political organisations, 24 representing women (elected through the National Women Council structures), two youth representatives, and one representative of people living with disabilities.
So inherently less democratic. And it's a kind of tribalism that weakens Parliament, not strengthens it, by making politicians representatives of their special interest and not the broader nation. It also makes them easier to control from the top:
Independent candidates submit their own bids while political parties are required to submit lists of their aspirants for vetting.
So how does that work? No strong women allowed:
Diane Shima Rwigara, 35, was the first Rwandan woman to run for president as an independent – and the only woman in the August race – before she was disqualified. The fact that Rwanda has the world’s highest proportion of women in Parliament does not mean the country is comfortable with women in power, she says. 
Rwigara warns that the president’s increasingly authoritarian stance could further oppress women, rather than empower them.
“I don’t believe in the lie being sold to the world that Rwandan women have a voice – we don’t,” she says. “We’re only allowed to do or say certain things as dictated by the ruling party. If you don’t, you pay a high price.” 
For Rwigara, that price was her bid for the presidency. Her nomination was excluded when the electoral commission said she didn’t have enough names to endorse her candidacy, a charge she rejects. “When I finally submitted my papers, the number of signatures were almost double the required number of 650 – I had over 1,100 signatures,” she says. 
The harassment didn’t end there. Rwigara says the ruling party tried to discredit her by releasing fake nude pictures online, but Kagame’s Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) denied any involvement. Some of her family’s businesses have been shut down and bank accounts frozen without justification, she says, while members of her movement have been temporarily jailed and threatened by the police. 
Research by University of Oxford affiliates Pamela Abbott (photo) and Dixon Malunda suggests the gendered change in leadership has not always translated to concrete gains for women and notes that Rwanda still has some way to go in changing discriminatory attitudes toward women in politics.
And Rwanda ends up with a Parliament that is toothless. From last year:
Next month one of the world’s most remarkable leaders, President Paul Kagame of Rwanda, will be overwhelmingly re-elected to a third seven-year term. Kagame runs an authoritarian state and does not tolerate serious opposition.
The Way I See It....his election to a third term last week with a ludicrous 99 percent of the vote, against two opponents, is further evidence that despite Mr. Kagame’s achievements, he has all the makings of yet another strongman going through the motions of democracy.
But never mind the reality, look at the symbolism! This disastrous identity politics so excites Julia Gillard, who cares more about jobs for the girls than for true democracy and equality.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Calling America “The Land Of Opportunity” Is Racist…Says The University Of California!

The environment on college campuses has been growing more and more liberal over the past several years, and this new list from the University of California, Santa Cruz is just the latest example.

California taxpayer dollars are apparently being spent on putting together lists of “offensive” words such as this one, and you don’t believe some of the stuff that’s in here. The University published this official document which has a long list of things you’re “not allowed” to say to minorities because they might be “too offensive”.
Santa Cruz University

Here are just 8 of the most ridiculous “micro aggressions” in the document that students should avoid saying. Try not to laugh your ASS off while reading these:

“Where were you born?”
“You speak English very well.”
“There is only one race, the human race.”
America is the land of opportunity.”
Everyone can succeed in this society, if they work hard enough.”
“Men and women have equal opportunities for achievement.”
I believe the most qualified person should get the job.
Let that sink in, folks…
According to the University of California in Santa Cruz, you’re even not allowed to say that “America is the land of opportunity” or that “The most qualified person should get the job” or else you’re racist. 

If you don’t believe us, here are a few screenshots from the actual document:

However, as Breitbart points out, these guidelines don’t apply equally to all races: According to the Academic Affairs department, microaggressions vary with context and race, so saying something to a black or Asian person is different from saying it to a white person.

For example, it is perfectly acceptable to ask a Caucasian student “Why are you so quiet? We want to know what you think,” whereas to ask this same question of an Asian, Latino or Native American constitutes a microaggression, because it implies that they have not successfully assimilated to “the dominant culture.”
Similarly, asking a black person “Why do you have to be so loud/animated?” is strictly verboten, while asking a white person this question is completely fine.
Moreover, whites should never use the expression “You people” when speaking to blacks, whereas blacks may address whites in this way, the university suggests. Just plain stupid.
The Way I See It.......Give me a break ....Everyone is SO offended these days , everyone has a sad story to tell, it’s really too bad for the ''Snowflakes''. We have a constitutional right to say anything we like , if people do not like it they can move along, even I am offended by those who wear their feelings on their sleeves.

 However that was our history NOT present day as none who live today are slaves, that I am aware of , it’s all history .. we as a nation are all the same , No matter our color, we all bleed the same .. RED Blood .. the problem is everyone want’s to repeat history , instead of changing it , crying about those before us, playing the victim card, instead of making a change for the better.

I say get-over-it and move on in life .. we did not live our ancestors lives , therefore we should consider ourselves quite lucky, it’s the past, and we can do nothing about it .. except move on to better things .. and be thankful, our history will never change .... but our future can .... living in the past can do nothing for our future.  God Bless America and Damn the Leftist Filth!.  

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Multiple Governments Now Targeting Clintons’ Biggest Charitable Frauds !!

Multiple governments are now probing the Clinton Foundation for illegal actions regarding former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton creating a corrupt “pay-for-play” scheme while leading the State Department.
In July 2016, Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-TN demanded an investigation into the Clinton Foundation for allegations of money laundering, tax evasion,
abuse of power, and any of illegal activities while Clinton led the State Department.
Following her embarrassing loss in the 2016 presidential election, France and Australia launched investigations into the Clinton Foundation taking “donations” from government officials in their nations while she was secretary of state.
Leading the charge, Blackburn said the Clinton Foundation has never sought to engage in charitable actions but rather serve as a front to collect donations from foreign government officials who bought influence from Clinton.
“No mention is made of conducting activities outside of the United States, which is one of the codes included in the I.R.S. ‘Application for Recognition of Exemption’ in effect at that time (see activity code 910). As a result, the foundation’s global initiatives appear to be unlawful pursuant to IRS guidance,” she said.
In 2011, the French government opened an inquiry to track down the hundreds of millions of dollars it sent to the Clintons to “fight HIV/AIDS internationally.”
France was unable to locate the funds at the time, but have since re-open their investigation into the funds and whether they were misused.
Last month, Australian police detective Michael Smith (photo below) said he agreed to cooperate with the FBI in their investigation into an Australian government official giving millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation in exchange for the U.S. granting them favorable policies.
The Tennessee Republican said the Clinton Foundation has no mention on their tax filings that they did charitable work with foreign nations.
As such, why did they accept massive donations from government officials in Australia and France on numerous occasions leading up to the 2016 presidential election?
The Way I See It.......With multiple governments probing the Clinton's many activities, indictments already handed down, and Republicans leading federal agencies – Bill and Hillary are likely going to be held accountable for their corrupt actions.

Monday, April 16, 2018


A Larry Pickering Opinion Piece:

Angry Tim Soutphommasan

According to Tim Sumbugger of the Racial Discrimination Commission, three-
quarters of the top jobs in Australia are held by Anglo-Celtic-Euro white people, and he reckons that’s simply not acceptable. Hmmm, it sounds about right to me!

In a race to the bottom with the disgraced Gillian Triggs, this little bloke, with a head you’d never get tired of kicking, is determined to demonise us white blokes and we have to pay the bastard $500,000 a year (with his globe tripping expenses) to explain to we non-Asians we are not wanted here. Okay, you ugly little wanker, you had better go back to pulling rickshaws in Laos or someone here will rearrange your teeth again for you.

We don’t need to pay obscene money to super racists like yourself to tell us where we stand… this is Australia and we have built this nation with the help of many nationalities, but I cannot recall much of a Laotian contribution.

In other words, just fuck off back home where you can re-engage with your ancestors, knee deep in shit, plugging rice shoots where you belong.

Kevin Rudd, as Prime Minister, (understandable) appointment for five agonizing years, this ungrateful immigrant grub had his start at the far Left Fairfax’s “The Age” (where else) before imposing himself on the discredited Sydney Uni (naturally) as a “doctor” of some bullshit.

And how did Kevin Rudd come up with a maggot like this aesthetically-challenged little racist prig? I guess it was while he and Gillard were arranging for their “cash for clunkers” debacle, because there was plenty of borrowed cash available for this little screwed up clunker.

Why don’t you come around to my place so I can perform a quick facial reconstruction on you, or is that racist?

Because my wife, who is also Asian, (I have run out of well-bred Aussie brood mares) also wants to plant a high heel in your nuts, but she doubts you have any. 

BASHING BASHAR, AND OBAMA, and to hell with Hillary!

All except the Left’s loyal “Washington Post” believe the Arab Spring offensives have had disastrous results… from Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Yemen and now an unsuccessful Syria, there was no thought given to who might take over after an enforced regime change. 
                            Bush Junior's goal in Iraq... liberation or obliteration?
The destruction of Iraq belongs to Bush Junior. The debris that is Syria belongs to Obama. Libya is all Hillary's. 
The mayhem that is now the entire Middle East belongs to the opposing cults of Islam.
Obama barracked for, funded, and employed in his Administration, dozens of members of the Muslim Brotherhood, a founding Egyptian terrorist group, and armed the Syrian rebels in his determination to oust the duly elected and moderate Muslim, Bashar Assad who had the temerity to resist being murdered.
Assad, a decadent, Europeanised piece of shit, is an Alawite, which is a Muslim break-away group from Shia Islam and includes elemental Christian beliefs. 
Was it the Christian elements that infuriated Obama enough to instruct the CIA to arm the Syrian rebels? 
Syria’s capital, Damascus, is said to be the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world. I don’t know about that, but I do know the entire country is in ruins, and Obama had no plans for anyone to rebuild it.
Obama’s instructions were to only arm the “moderate” rebels. Unfortunately the rebels consisted of Al Queda, the Al-Nusra Front, ISIS, the Khorasan, Ahrar al-Sham, Jaysh al-Islam and dozens of other Western sponsored terrorist groups. 
                               The bastard who made Syria what it is today
The real reason Obama refused to designate any of them as terrorists is because they still remain proxy groups supported by his friends in real radical Islam, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.
Incredibly, with his self-bestowed wisdom of Solomon, he actually considered he could determine who the “moderates” were.
                                    The bitch who made Libya what it is today
When you throw Hillary Clinton into the mix with Libya, it becomes clear that the middle East and North Africa is a decomposing mess only a non-political Trump has a hope of fixing.   
It’s hard to deny that Obama wanted the most radical form of Islam to reign supreme in his joint Sunni/Saudi-Wahhabist hatred of Israel. His best shot at drowning Israel in the Mediterranean, while appearing to keep his own black, spidery hands clean, was to give Iran the bomb and plane loads of cash. It seems to be working... Iran is now but a stone's throw from Israel's border.
Bush Senior resisted intense pressure to take Baghdad after his ‘Desert Storm’ operation chased Saddam Hussein’s “million strong” craven Republican Guard out of Kuwait. 
But following an unrelated 9/11, Bush Junior couldn’t help himself, and now Iraq barely exists.
             Syrian casualties limited as Trump forewarned of the Coalition's bombing.
The Way I See It.........there are a few things that the weekend Trump Syrian offensive has made clear:
1, Putin’s missile defense system he boasted of, doesn’t exist.
2, Despite Assad’s chemical ‘weapons of mass destruction’ being identical to those that Saddam Hussein used to kill the Kurds, Hussein’s WMDs still today are claimed to have been non-existent.
3, Trump’s statement that US troops would “soon” be withdrawn is a nonsense.
4, Despite the Syrian rebels suffering poison gassing in exploding barrel bombs, that video was clearly staged with kids woken in the middle of the night to be hosed down with water for no reason other than to look distressed.
5, Israel will take an increasing role in Syria’s demolition.
6, Putin will back off, for now.
7, The ISIS Caliphate was disbanded only after Putin’s intervention, not Trump's or Obama's who wanted the Caliphate to succeed with his outrageous “terms of engagement” that ensured only thousands of US troops were killed.
8, The United Nations is as useless as an ash tray on a motor bike.
9, New Zealand's ''Dinosaur Dentures'' pregnancy is affecting her equilibrium over gas.exploration. Idiot! 
10, The Left has shown it will always find fault in any Trump success, and,
Obama’s grand plan is working and only Trump has the ambition and ability to reverse it.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Former Congressman Opens Up About Hillary, What Really Happened

“She completely disregarded every one of my subpoenas.” Former congressman Jason Chaffetz (below) (R-UT) told George Washington University’s “College Republicans” group earlier this week, as he specifically highlighted his role in the Hillary Clinton E-mail server investigation.
A U.S. Air Force garrison had the jets gassed up and ready for take-off from Stuttgart, Germany when the American Embassy in Benghazi, Libya came under terrorist attack.
They were “expressly forbidden from engaging in a rescue operation until after several U.S. diplomats, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens, were killed,” Chaffetz recalls.
After the explosions died down and the few survivors were safely back on U.S. soil, “they had their security clearance stripped and were denied access to speak with any congressmen on the matter.”

There could only be one reason. “It is obvious that the State Department did not want these folks speaking about any classified information with the House Oversight Committee.”
As chairman of that committee, Chaffetz sent then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, “several letters asking her to preserve all emails regarding Libya and the Benghazi attack.”
When it came time for Hillary and the State Department to cough up all the emails that were supposed to be saved, they were gone.
“The absence of numerous purported emails on the attack indicated a potential cover-up on part of the Clinton state department to deceive the American voters in the lead-up to the 2016 election.”
By March of 2015, it was obvious that Hillary Clinton had sanitized all the emails from her “secret server.” Her lawyer told a special House Benghazi Select Committee “there’s nothing left to search.”
That is when Congress started asking, “Did Clinton destroy documents that were under subpoena?”
Only nine days after the embassy attack, Rep. Chaffetz wrote to Hillary asking for, “all information related to the attack on the consulate.”
He specifically wanted, “all analyses, whether classified or unclassified, on the security situation leading up to the Benghazi attack.” He made it crystal clear “the committee wanted everything.”

After months of dragging their feet, the State Department agreed, instead of turning the materials over, they would be made available for inspection. Committee investigators were forced to visit the records in a specially secured room.
They waded through over 25,000 pages of documents before they realized that Hillary’s emails were not in the pile. There also weren’t many emails in the stack from “Cheryl Mills, Huma Abedin, Philippe Reines, Jake Sullivan and others.”
The House Select Committee on Benghazi managed to grab a small handful of less than ten emails either to or from Hillary. They had a previously unknown address: hdr22@clintonemail.com
The Benghazi committee soon were pouring over 850 pages from two different accounts on the same server.
The State Department claimed that was all there are. By the time Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) requested a neutral third party examination of the hardware, congress learned “its contents have been destroyed.”
Anything that was on that server that wasn’t turned over through the State Department was destroyed illegally in defiance of Rep Chaffetz’ subpoena.
“An engineer at Platte River Networks, the company responsible for maintaining the Secretary’s third personal email server, deleted Secretary Clinton’s email archives in March of 2015, despite knowing they were subject to preservation orders and a congressional subpoena,” a letter Chaffetz mailed to the U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia says.
“The Department should investigate and determine whether Secretary Clinton or her employees and contractors violated statutes that prohibit destruction of records, obstruction of congressional inquiries, and concealment or cover up of evidence material to a congressional investigation.”
“Remember, there are two email systems at the State Department. You don’t just simply get a classified email and then whoops, I forwarded to the wrong person.”
“You have to go to great lengths to take it off that system, or summarize what you saw, and put it on the non-classified system. So how Sidney Blumenthal and others are integrated into this really still, we need to get to the truth.”
Between July 5 the end of September, 2016, more than 70 subpoenas and letters were issued when James Comey, the Director of the FBI, concluded there would not be any charges against Hillary.
“These subpoenas and letters relate to a wide range of investigations conducted by House Republicans against Secretary Clinton over the past three months, including her personal email account, the Clinton Foundation, and a number of other issues.”
“She’s not getting a clean slate,” Chaffetz vowed in the last days of October, just before the nation went to the polls.
“We’ve got document destruction. We’ve got their own rogue system. We’ve got classified information out the door. We’ve got their foundation doing who knows what. I mean, it took them four years just to release her schedule.”

The Way I See It.........all good things come to those that wait. Retribution is in the wind.